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My Interests

- Foxy Shazam
- Cold War Kids
- The Decemberists
- The Sounds
- Fun.

- Brick
- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
- American Psycho
- American Beauty
- Inception

- Les Miserables
- Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
- Jesus Christ Superstar
- Phantom of the Opera
- Sweeney Todd

- Breaking Bad
- Arrested Development
- Dexter
- 30 Rock
- Flight of the Conchord

tl;dr I enjoy art

17th May 2014

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Me when girls explain what different things do

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16th May 2014

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Ultimate goal.

roseanne and dan are the best

I’m basically the less man’s man version of Dan.

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11th May 2014

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I just wish I wasn’t alone

Story of my existance

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